Prepaid payment card that can be used in more than 2.1 million ATM’ locations in over 210 countries.’

Expatriate Card

Maritime/ Affiliate Paycard

Employees working abroad may be paid on this prepaid debit card for corporate reimbursement for travel pay and corporate expenses occurred.
The versatility and ease of distributing payments to your employee or independent contractor could not be easier. This cost effective and time efficient payment method makes the expansion of your business a smooth and simple process.   Paying your maritime employees or affiliate members is fully supported.
An efficient payment system for remote or local employees and  independent contractors.  Payments are made by the business the  same day the funds have cleared our bank account. 

Multiple Currencies

210 Countries

The Prepaid card can be used in more than 2.1 million ATM’ locations in over 210 countries. Or Accepted in over 35.9 million locations worldwide.
All business entities must be  registered in the UK, Gibraltar, Cyprus or Malta  to participate.
Accounts can be loaded with funds from a bank account by the business using  GBP, EUR, and USD. 
Payments Without Borders

 Forex and Binary


 Payments to Affiliates

 Simple solutions worldwide

The recent expansion of the Forex and Binary business has been limited by the payment method for the payment of  affiliate referrals.  Now the expansion for large, small, one time or recurring payments to affiliates.   You can almost eliminating any limitation to market expansion with us.
One of the most costly administrative expenses is the payment of employees worldwide.  A company deals with foreign currency conversion fluctuations, lost money transfers and the deposit requirements to maintain foreign banking relationships.     Our program eliminates the previously mention issues with your current payment method and provides a timelier delivery of funds to your workers.

 Payment for Services

 E-Gaming and Commerce

 Coporate Payments for Services

Payment to Affiliates

  This is an ideal payment tool for the payment of all corporate payments to an individual without establishing a banking relationship in each country. 
  Supporting the expansion of your gaming  or commerce platform due to the increase in the affiliate rewards program is now available.  This payment method  makes available payments real time with funds on deposit or within two days for funds in transit from your bank account.
Relax knowing you are being taken care of

  No system or accounting integration

 Single file upload for payments

No need for lengthly training or having to log into our system and log the information of your payees.  You have better things to do. 
The Arius International Account Registration System is a separate program from your existing accounting system in which an Export Registration File generated by your accounting system.  The information required in the Export Registration files the name, birthdate, email, payment to be deposit and your unique identifier from your system for each person.   File transfer is through a secure web service file transfer system managed by Arius International.

 No change to your existing bank accounts

 Secure payment uploads

 After verification of your company and your existing banking relationships you can now utilize our platform.   You can consolidate your banking relationships since we require only one bank account relationship in Malta, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, or Cyprus in your company's name in order to pay your employees or independent contractors worldwide.
 The funds that are to be loaded onto your employee or independent contractors Prepaid card account are held in a segregated bank account. The payment protocol file will provide a token id for each account. This means that there is no banking number or account information or personal information of the payee stored in your accounting system or in the payment file upload.